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landscapes and wine Tour in the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in the State of Israel, diverse in its population and its landscapes. It is an area filled with landscapes of open spaces, ancient volcanoes and torrential streams. Beneath all this wild nature lies a wonderful region whose inhabitants live in peace, allowing them to produce the finest delicacies and spirits. On the Golan Heights you will find the Golan Heights Winery, which produces the Yarden brand, boutique wineries, a unique brewery and even a distillery that produces whiskey, brandy and other types of alcoholic beverages. So, take a walk on for your palate, and do not forget to appoint a chauffeur 😉
We will start our tour in Katzrin, the capital of the Golan Heights. In the industrial zone of Katzrin, lined with vineyards between the roads in the compound, there are a number of large factories with visitors’ centers: The Eden Water Plant, which pools the mineral water flowing from the Salukia spring, Golan Heights Winery, which boasts dozens of fine wines, the Basalt brewery.

Since we are on an alcohol tour today, we will visit the Golan Heights Winery visitors’ center for an hour-long tour, including a visit to the barrel cellar to watch the super-advanced filling hall with its sophisticated machines and robots, of course not forgetting the most important part the wine tasting. The winery produces dozens of wines, from different varieties of vines collected from different parts of the world, grown in the basalt soil of the plateau. It turns out that the basalt soil and the professionalism of the winemakers in the winery make a difference – because the wines of the winery win medals every year in world competitions.

The visitors center is active from Sunday to Friday
Between the hours:
Price per person:

After we are a little dizzy from the wine, it’s now time to eat something, and if we have already eaten, then we can have some more to drink. There is no need to go far – just 200 meters from the visitors center of Golan Heights Winery – you will be in the parking lot of the Golan basalt brewery. The Golan Brewery produces five types of Belgian, German and Irish beers. The great thing is that you can sit in the brewery restaurant, order a juicy steak or a hamburger, and accompany the meal with the 5-cup tasting set with 200 ml of each beer, after you have decided which one you like best.

It is true that it is difficult to get up from the chair after the meal at the Golan brewery, but today is all about short and long drinking … Let’s go back to the car and this time we’ll take a 20 minute drive – to the Pelter Winery in Ein Zivan. Ein Zivan is a kibbutz located at the foot of Mount Avital – an ancient volcano with a military base on its peak. In Ein Zivan, we are going to the Pelter-Shaham winery. This winery is located in an industrial hangar that contains huge containers used for wine aging. After a tour you can sit around tables made of wine barrels and taste the best of the produce, accompanied by a platter of cheeses, and if you are lucky, even a focaccia Rich. At the end of the wine tastings, you will come to the real thing that we gathered here today – the “real” alcohol tasting. The distillery produces a variety of exciting drinks that will challenge your palate: a wonderful apple gin that will make you forget all that you thought about gin before, a local version of Calvados, arak figs, brandy and whiskey, aged in an old Syrian bunker at the compound.

From the other side of the building you will find the “Carina” – the local chocolate shop, where you can go to a chocolate workshop or just buy some pralines for the way. Anyone who wants to stay with alcohol is invited to buy a local chocolate liqueur.
We will take a short trip to our next stop – Mount Bental, which has nothing to do with food or alcohol, except that the road passes through the vineyards. Mount Bental is the twin mountain of Mount Avital (at the foot of which we were a few minutes ago), here lies the settlement of Merom Golan. We will climb with the car to the top of the mountain to the parking lot, and from there we will hike to the top for a short path decorated on either side by figures made of steel machine parts, created by the artist Joop de Jung. At the summit there is an old military post from which you can see the spectacular 360-degree view of Israel, Lebanon, and especially Syria, which is only a few kilometers from us. You can enter into the bunkers at the outpost to feel how the fighters who lived here decades ago felt. For a short refreshment, we will have a cup of coffee at the coffee shop on the summit – “Coffee Cloud”, now we will continue to the last station – which will be our dessert

Now We will descend from the Bantal mountain and go to a restaurant village – one of the four Druze villages in the Golan Heights. In the center of the village, on the main street, we will enter the “sweets restaurant” shop, a tiny shop where you will find the best kennafa in Israel. Responsibly. Nayef, the owner of the place, has been producing Kanafeh for 20 years and would be happy to honor you with a cup of strong black coffee. (needed after all the alcohol) If you wish, you can also finish this long day in a pampering Jacuzzi in one of Nayef’s two guest suites, a short distance from the store. And go to bed tired but happy 😉

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