My Jerusalem Penthouse

12 Guests

10 beds

5 bedrooms

3 bathroom

  • TV
  • Wifi
  • Equipped kitchen
  • A huge balcony

My Jerusalem Penthouse

Come and stay in our amazing Penthouse in the center of Jerusalem with a view of the whole city.

Our exclusive Penthouse Suite is designed for those who want to experience Jerusalem in the most exciting way.

The Penthouse is located on the 11th floor with a view of Jerusalem from above.

The building in the center of Jerusalem just a few steps from Mahane Yehuda market and the light railway station, and 300 meters from Ben Yehuda street mall.

Plenty of shops and restaurants can be found in the immediate area, while a 20-minute walk takes you to the Jaffa Gate entrance of the Old City.


3 Bedroom apartment

Penthouse apartment


Property Address

40 Agripas St., Jerusalem, Israel

Proximity to other places

  • Street Market
  • Supermarket
  • Western Wall
  • Restaurants

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